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Subject: New Agenda Procedure

After discussing this with the other officers, we have decided to implement a new agenda procedure to provide better advance notice of topics to be discussed, so people can prepare (and even begin e-mail or github discussions ahead of the meeting, if desired).

About one week before a meeting, I will send a preliminary agenda to the e-mail list, but not post it as an official document. Then people can propose new agenda items to me by Friday AOE. (If it is Friday Anywhere On Earth, the deadline has been met.) On the Saturday before the meeting where possible, or as soon thereafter as possible, I will post the agenda with the additions that were received by Friday.

The agenda can still be amended at the meeting, but we are hoping that this procedure will make last-minute changes rare. Members do have the right to vote against a last-minute agenda change because they have not been given time to prepare (or for any other reason).


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