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Subject: Issue for serialization order

At the meeting this morning, I took an action item to file a GitHub issue to document a recommended serialization order that enables streaming consumption of a SARIF log file.


This is done: https://github.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/issues/70


> Document a recommended order in which a SARIF producer should emit the log file to enable it to be consumed in a streaming manner. For example, the spec already says that the `log.version` property should come first, to enable the rest of the file to be parsed.


> This work item falls into two parts:


> 1. Capturing the ordering recommendations somewhere.

> 2. Deciding what's the best place to put them. Inline in various sections of the spec? As a non-normative Appendix to the spec? As a separate Committee Note, so as not to hold up publication of the spec?



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