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Subject: Closed Issue #27 (accepted changes for rule.help)

As we discussed at the meeting this morning, I have now merged the changes from the “change draft” document Documents\ChangeDrafts\sarif-v1.0-issue-27-rule-help.docx into the “provisional draft” document Documents\ProvisionalDrafts\sarif-v1.0-wd02-provisional.docx. I have closed Issue #27 and labeled it resolved-fixed.


This change adds the help property to the rule object.


Note: I made a few purely editorial changes in the course of the merge. If you are interested in this level of detail, you can compare Section 3.27.10 between the change draft document and the provisional draft document.


Note: As the provisional draft stands right now, the rule.help property is plain text. When I merge in the “formatted message” changes, the rule object will acquire a new optional property named richHelp, which will contain the Markdown version of the rule’s help text.



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