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Subject: Documenting schema changes

I have added a document to the SARIF TC GitHub repo to document the schema changes made by the SARIF TC:


Schema changes between SARIF v1 and v2.


Note the title of the document. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this, but the first public version of SARIF will be v2.0.0. This is because many Microsoft tools (including the most recent C++, C#, and VB compilers) implement the version of the specification that was defined in the “initial working draft”, and – as it turns out – there are breaking changes between that draft and our current spec.


I checked with Chet Ensign at OASIS, and it’s fine for the first version of an OASIS specification to not be designated “v1”.


I added an issue to the repo: Issue #77, “Retitle the provisional draft to ‘v2’”.




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