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sarif message

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Subject: Issue #66: "Consider embeddedOriginalLogSnippet..."

Back on December 20th, I sent mail to the list saying that I had made a proposal to address this issue in the GitHub repo (Issue #66). Stefan and Michael provided some feedback, and I think we are close enough now that I am going to write the “spec-ese” for the proposal.


Stefan, please see my most recent reply to the comment thread in the issue. Please let me know if I have addressed your concerns. Everybody else, please take a look at the proposal. In the next day or two, I will submit a change draft to be voted on at the next TC meeting.


The discussion thread in the issue is long, so you might have trouble finding what I am actually proposing. Look for the comment that begins “My proposal above omitted something”. That comment contains the proposal – except that from Stefan’s and Michael’s feedback, I will rename originalLogFile to analysisToolLogFile, and I will rename originalLogContents to analysisToolLogContents.




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