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Subject: SARIF in-person TC meeting, 1/31 - 2/1

Hello, everyone,


I am working on planning and logistics for our onsite meeting. We have quorum given planned participation. Just so everyone is aware, this two day event is considered a single meeting from the OASIS standpoint. Otherwise, anyone who happens not to be able to participate in the event could be at risk of losing voting rights. We will record attendance for partial participation for those who can’t set aside all of the time.


I am now working on a proposed agenda for us to review (and will start a separate thread to collect ideas, if others have them). I will also send mail with practical information (nearby hotels, etc.) as soon as possible.


Below is a list of participants gleaned from email responses. Please let me know if you’ve been left off the list or if I’ve miscategorized your participation.






SARIF OASIS Technical Committee In-Person Meeting Attendees:



* David Keaton (Co-Chair)

 * Luke Cartey (Co-Chair, Semmle)

* Laurence Golding (Project Editor)

* Michael Fanning (Project Editor, Microsoft)

* Yekaterina O’Neil (Micro Focus)

* Henny Sipma (Kestrel technology)

* James Kupsch (SWAMP)

* Vamshi Basupalli (SWAMP)

* Sunny Chatterjee (Microsoft)

* Andrew Pardoe (Microsoft)

* Mel LLaguno (Synopsys)

* Paul Anderson (GrammaTech, Inc.)



* Stefan Hagen (Secretary)

* Hendrick Buchwald (RIPS Technologies)

* Chris Wysopal (Veracode)

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