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Subject: Please review text for Issue #66 (traceability)

I have pushed a Change Draft that contains proposed text for Issue #66, “Enable traceability from converted SARIF file to original analysis tool log file”. It follows the design we agreed on at the face-to-face TC meeting. I (or Michael, if I can’t be there) will move for its adoption at tomorrow’s TC meeting.


This one is a bit lengthy and detailed, so if you feel you need more time to review it before signing off tomorrow, please speak up.


The document is at Documents\ChangeDrafts\sarif-v2.0-issue-66-traceability.docx. As usual, start at the top, and use the Next Change button on the Review tab of the Word ribbon to see all the changes.


In addition to the substantive changes, I changed every occurrence of “conversion tool” to “converter”. Until now, I had treated those as synonymous. Because we’re also in the process of introducing the Conformance section, and because the Conformance language instructs people to look for requirements that apply to “converters”, I thought it best to be consistent.





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