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Subject: Groups - Alignment between SARIF and OMG TOIF uploaded

Document Name: Alignment between SARIF and OMG TOIF

This document describes the alignment between OASIS SARIF and the OMG Tools
Output Integration Framework (TOIF), gives a detailed object-by-object
comparison and suggests a roadmap for the interoperability between the two
specifications. The proposed roadmap includes further alignment of the core
concepts, a generic adaptor from SARIF to TOIF, a standard converter from
TOIF to SARIF, coordinated efforts towards common weakness measures in the
context of SCA tools, using SARIF to capture existing tool-specific
measures, using TOIF as the platform for developing common ranking tools,
and using TOIF as a platform for common risk assessment tools.
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Submitter: Dr. Nikolai Mansourov
Group: OASIS Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF) TC
Folder: Documents
Date submitted: 2018-02-28 13:56:33

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