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sarif message

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Subject: Approved changes are merged as amended

I merged all the approved changes from today’s meeting into the Provisional Draft.


Most of the “amendments” to #96 (redactionToken) were actually already in the Change Draft. It already said that


  • The presence of the token tells you whether or not there was any redaction.
  • There is no default.
  • A postprocessor might do the redaction.


The only things I had to change were:


  • Specify that the value SHOULD be "[REDACTED]".
  • Say that if it isn’t "[REDACTED]", it can be anything.
  • Soften the language around when you might decide to use a different token.


I’m now going to start the change draft for #130, “location fix” (which will incorporate James’s #99, “result object’s snippet property”).



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