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Subject: IMPORTANT: Change draft for #99/#130 is available

The change draft for Issue #130 (fix the location object) is available:




This draft also fixes Jim’s Issue #99, (result object’s snippet property).


This is probably the single biggest change we’ve taken, and it’s IMO the most important from the point of view of providing a good object model. Please read the changes carefully. You can refer to the document Schema changes between SARIF v1 and v2.md for an overview of the changes (see the section on Issue #130, near the bottom).


You might find it easier to view these changes with “Simple markup” rather than “Full markup”:



Simple markup shows you the final, nicely formatted result, without all the strikeouts. The red change bar is the only visual clutter. If you want to see the details of how a section has changed, switch to Full markup. FYI, Full markup is the only way to see the sections that were deleted – and there are many deleted sections in this draft! You can toggle between Simple and Full markup by clicking the change bar in the margin.


One more important thing: The change is so extensive that I am going to base any further work I do this week on a version of the spec where these changes have been accepted. I think this is safe since we’ve agreed on the design. Otherwise it will be hard for you to see the remaining changes in their new context. However, I will not accept the changes into the Provisional Draft until the TC approves them.




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