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Subject: Change draft for #119 (post-processor profile)

The change draft for Issue #119: “Add tool automation manager/SARIF post-processor profile” is available:




I’ll move its adoption at the next TC meeting.


This change consists merely of defining “post-processor” in the Terminology section, and adding a simple conformance profile in Section 4. This automatically captures any place in the document where we specify behavior for a “post-processor”. At present, we only say two things about post-processors:


  1. They might redact security-sensitive information.
  2. They might remove the “hostname” portion of a uriBaseId. (Actually, that text is in the change draft for #113, which is not yet approved; you won’t see it in the change draft linked above.)


But now that the profile is defined, we can feel free say more about post-processors.





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