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Subject: Adjustment to guidance on host name

TL;DR: We need to say that if a file-based URL is network-accessible, it SHALL (not SHOULD) include the host name.




In meeting TC #15 we agreed to adopt the change draft for #113 (host name guidance), with this amendment (taken from the raw chat trace):


  1. Clarify that hostname should be included if network shared, omitted if not network shared.


But if the file-based URL is network-accessible, then the host name portion has to be part of the URL, or else you can’t access it:


file://lgolding-dev.example.com/shared/projects/browser     # OK


file:///shared/projects/browser                             # Interpreted as directory /shared on localhost


Of course a SARIF viewer will notice that this path does not exist on localhost and will prompt the user for the correct path. But what’s the sense in creating a log file that points to a network share and then not telling the consumer where on the network to find it?


Please let me know if you disagree.




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