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sarif message

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Subject: I don't think we need an "attachment" object any more

As you know, both run and result have a property attachments of type attachment[]. result also has conversionProvenance of type attachment[]. An attachment is nothing but a fileLocation plus a description. The spec says this about description:


An attachment object SHOULD contain a property named description whose value is a message object (§3.9) describing the role played by the attachment.


The “role”, huh? Be we just added a roles property to the file object! So perhaps the file object is also the natural place for description. Then we don’t need the attachment object, and instead we have:














I stumbled on this as I was starting to write the words for Issue #134,  “conversion.analysisToolLogFileLocation should be an array”, which made me look at result.conversionProvenance and wonder why it was an attachment[].


If we agree, I’d like to do this in the same change draft as the one I’m writing for #134, since they both touch result.conversionProvenance.





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