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sarif message

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Subject: Change draft for fingerprint-related issues: #122, #126, #147, and #154

I pushed a change draft for the following fingerprint-related issues:


Issue #122: "Clarify guidance for 'partialFingerprints' components"

Issue #126: "Add result.fingerprints array"

Issue #147: "Rename suggestion: toolFingerprintContributions -> partialFingerprints, computedFingerprints -> fingerprints"

Issue #154: "Define a "result management system" conformance profile"


#154 is fingerprint-related because the new guidance on fingerprint computation imposed normative requirements on the result management system.


The change draft is:




I added one Word comment where I’m not sure I wrote the right thing.


I’ll move to adopt the change draft, addressing all four issues, at the TC meeting on May 2nd.








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