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sarif message

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Subject: New CSD.1 issues

I opened these two issues:


#157: Clarify requirements on tool.semanticVersion


It MAY be present, and it must conform to SemVer in both syntax and semantics.


#158: Introduce result.correlationId and clarify purpose of result.fingerprints

We will have:

1.     result.id, a GUID, unique across every result reported in every run.

2.     result.correlationId, a GUID, common to a set of results that are logically identical.

3.     result.fingerprints, an array of calculated values, each of which captures a stable identifier for a set of logically identical results. An array, so that a result management system can improve a fingerprint without losing the old value.

This supports both Michael’s and Yekaterina’s/SCA’s usage scenarios.


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