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Subject: #137: Any image format allowed

After this morning’s discussion, I have conceded this point and reverted the provisional draft to the format we agreed upon in the TC meeting. The spec now says that we support any image format, whether or not it is raster-based. Since the provisional draft now conforms to our agreement, I removed the agenda item from the next TC meeting where I would have proposed to amend it to support only raster-based formats.


The words are now:

3.14 attachment object

3.14.5 rectangles property

If the attachment is an image file (for example .png or .svg), an attachment object MAY contain a property named rectangles whose value is an array of one or more unique (§3.6.2) rectangle objects (§3.23), each of which specifies an area of interest within the image. These rectangle objects SHOULD contain a message property (§3.23.3) so a user can understand their relevance.

If the attachment is not an image file, rectangles SHALL be absent.

3.23 rectangle object

3.23.1 General

A rectangle object specifies a rectangular area within an image. When a SARIF viewer displays an image, it SHOULD indicate the presence of these areas, for example, by highlighting them or surrounding them with a border.

3.23.2 top, left, bottom, and right properties

A rectangle object SHALL contain properties named top, left, bottom, and right, each of which contains a number (as defined by [JSCHEMA01]) specifying one of the coordinates of the rectangle within the image. These properties SHALL be measured in the image format’s natural units (for example, pixels for raster-based image formats). These values MAY be positive or negative, depending on the natural coordinate system of the image format. They MAY increase either from left to right or from right to left, and either from top to bottom or from bottom to top, again depending on the natural coordinate system of the image format.

NOTE: A number in JSON schema can take a variety of forms, including simple integers (42) and floating-point numbers (3.14).

3.23.3 message property

A rectangle object SHOULD contain a property named message whose value is a message object (§3.9) containing a message relevant to this area of the image.

A SARIF viewer SHOULD display this message when the user interacts with the area. For example, if the user hovers over the area with the mouse, the viewer might present the message as hover text.



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