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Subject: "Engineering system" conformance profile

I filed Issue #166, “Define an ‘engineering system’ conformance profile” (CSD.1).


Many statements in the spec describe the behavior of an engineering system, but we've never defined it, nor have we described what a "SARIF-conformant" engineering system must do. This came up for the n+1st time  as I was writing the change draft for Issue #159, “Id property renames,” so I’m going to incorporate this change into that draft.


We add this definition to the Terminology section (it really should have been there already considering it already occurred ten times!):


engineering system

software development environment within which static analysis tools are executed

NOTE: An engineering system might include components such as a build system, a source control system, a result management system, a bug tracking system, a test execution system, and so on.


Then we add the conformance profile (you’ve all seen this a few times before):


4.12 Conformance Clause 11: Engineering system

An engineering system satisfies the “engineering system” conformance profile if:

·         It satisfies the normative requirements in §3 that are designated as applying to engineering systems.




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