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sarif message

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Subject: Change draft for #165 (run.description)

I pushed a change draft for Issue #165, “Add run.description”:




I will move its adoption at TC #17 on May 16th.


This is the entire change:


3.11.4 description property

An run object MAY contain a property named description whose value is a message object (§3.9) that describes this run.

If stableId is present, description SHOULD describe the type of run defined by stableId.


{                                                        # A run object (§3.11).

  "stableId": "Nightly security scanner run/x86/debug",  # See §3.11.3.

  "description": {

    "text": "This is the nightly run of the Security Scanner tool on all binaries

             except for test binaries. The scanned binaries are architecture '{0}'

             and build type '{1}'.",

    "arguments": [







NOTE: If we adopt Issue #159, “Id property renames”, the mentions of stableId will change to logicalId.






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