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Subject: Change draft for #160 (edited file roles)

I pushed a change draft for Issue #160: “Roles for edited files”:




I will move its adoption at TC #17 on May 16th.


This change is per customer request at Microsoft. We add a few more roles to the file.roles enumeration. Here is the change in its entirety, which includes the explanation of why it’s needed (see the NOTE):

3.17.6      [file.]roles property



If baselineId (§3.11.4) is present on the containing run object (§3.11), then roles MAY include the following values, which denote files that have changed since the run specified by baselineId (the “baseline run”):

·         "editedFile": The file was modified since the baseline run.

·         "addedFile": The file was added after the baseline run.

·         "deletedFile": The file was deleted after the baseline run.

·         "renamedFile": The file was renamed after the baseline run. In this case, the file object specifies the new name.

If run.baselineId is absent, roles SHALL NOT include these values.

NOTE: The information conveyed by these values could be extracted from a VCS. These properties exist so SARIF consumers can have this information without needing access to the VCS.



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