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sarif message

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Subject: All changes from TC #18 are merged

I merged all the changes from TC #18 into the Provisional Draft, as amended, along with three editorial changes (see the in-progress Editor’s Report for 2018-05-30).


There are several issues open for discussion:


  1. Nested graphs: Michael and Luke, please see my analysis of your three similar-but-not-quite-the-same proposals for “nested graphs”, and respond with your choice.

  2. Region properties: We had a spirited discussion on this; how shall we close? We talked about somebody surveying tools, but the raw chat trace doesn’t show an action item for anyone, and Jim’s going on vacation in a couple of days.

  3. Hierarchical identifiers: I sent email asking if a hierarchical string can have empty components, or even be completely empty.

  4. VCS roles: I sent email asking if we should replace generatedFile with uncontrolledFile; Jim responded; I’m pondering, please weigh in with your opinion.

  5. Quasi-editorial change: Please take a look at the mail I sent on this topic and let me know if you object to the normative requirement I added. David, should we put this on the agenda to ratify at TC #19?


Am I off by one on the meeting numbers?




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