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Subject: RE: [sarif] "generatedFile" => "uncontrolledFile"

We are at the part of the design discussion where we're trying to fill things out. We should be sure to do what you describe, understand the utility of each new role that we add. I understand why 'renamed file' is helpful. This allows for results matching across SARIF logs (where a file has one name in the first and another in the second).

Now we should ask ourselves, how would a SARIF consumer usefully consume 'generatedFile' or 'uncontrolledFile'. One obvious answer is that a generated or uncontrolled file is specific to a local environment only. If you have a reference to one, it better be embedded in the log file or you'd better be evaluating the URI that points to it in the same environment where the log file was produced (and hope it hasn't been overwritten, if generated). The interest thinking exercise is, how useful is this? I'm going to spend some time thinking about possibilities, a couple of ideas occur to me, but still puzzling...


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Subject: Re: [sarif] "generatedFile" => "uncontrolledFile"

It may be useful to have both of these.  generatedFile implies uncontrolledFile, but there are other referenced files that are uncontrolled, but not generated, such as files that are part of the standard library of the language.

If generatedFile is not useful, then uncontrolledFile is probably a better name.


On 05/17/2018 01:29 PM, Larry Golding (Comcast) wrote:
> For purposes of file.roles, generated files are interesting because 
> they're not under source control. There might be other files that are 
> not under source control. Shall we rename "generatedFile" to 
> "uncontrolledFile"? (Other name suggestions welcome.)
> Larry

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