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sarif message

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Subject: rule.helpLocation: string URI or fileLocation?

I added this comment to Issue #175 (URI vs fileLocation):

The only existing properties whose value is an absolute-URI-valued string are:

·         tool.downloadUri. This is correct.

·         versionControlDetails.uri. This is correct.

The properties whose values are fileLocation objects are:

·         result.workItemLocation is a deterministic fileLocation object. It needs to change to an absolute-URI-valued string.

·         rule.helpLocation: This one is tricky. If the help files are on the machine, they're non-deterministic and we should use fileLocation. If they're on the web, they're deterministic and we should use an absolute-URI-valued string. Ideas?

All the other fileLocation-valued properties are non-deterministic, and so are using fileLocationappropriately.

What do you think is the right answer for rule.helpLocation?




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