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Subject: Considerations for a face-to-face meeting

At today's teleconference, we discussed the possibility of having a face-to-face meeting this coming January, because the one we had a year earlier yielded excellent progress. Please consider whether you would be willing to host such a meeting. Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

Approximate dates:  January 23-24

1. The host will not be responsible for travel expenses (transportation, lodging, meals) of the attendees.

2. The host will supply the meeting room. We currently have 13 voting members. Just in case, the meeting room should be capable of holding at least 15 people.

3. The host will make sure the attendees have easy access to water, coffee, and the Internet during the meeting. Any catering is welcome but not expected.

4. If the host would like to make reservations for a social event on the first night, the cost of the event would be the responsibility of each person who attends.

5. The security considerations for access to the meeting room must not make it difficult for any of the members to attend (e.g. members from another country).

6. The host will supply the following information so that members can make travel arrangements:

*  The location of the meeting, with a list of a few nearby hotels.

*  Transportation directions from the nearest airport.

*  The contact person's name, telephone number, and e-mail address.

Please send e-mail to the SARIF mailing list if you would like to offer to host, or please contact me if you have any questions.


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