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sarif message

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Subject: Issue #249: Rename versionControlDetails.tag to revisionTag

I propose to rename the property versionControlDetails.tag to revisionTag. The new name is a collaboration between Michael (who felt that “tag” was confusing because our property bags contain a “tags” array) and Jim, who suggested the new name. The new name has these advantages:


  • It retains the word “tag”, the Git term for this concept.
  • The prefix “revision” is consistent with the existing property “revisionId”.
  • It follows our pattern of prefixing a generic term with a qualifier, as we established with the date/time-valued properties (for example, file.lastModifiedTime).


I will move to adopt this change at TC #25 on Wednesday October 10th. Per my new process for pure property renames, I will not produce a change draft for this change.





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