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sarif message

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Subject: Change draft for #217: "Consider adding a discrete 'id' object"

I pushed a change draft for Issue #217, “Consider adding a discrete 'id' object”.




This change removes some loose properties on the run object and groups them into an “id” object. The rationale is that we had properties that identified both the run itself, and an aggregate to which it belonged. The sets of properties for the run and for the aggregate were not consistent. Now they are.


We will move its adoption at TC #25 on Wednesday 10/10.





PS Despite the issue title (“id” object), and despite the change draft file name (“automationId” object), and despite a discussion with Michael yesterday (where we settled on “scanAutomationDetails” object), I propose to name this new object “runAutomationDetails”. We use “run” almost everywhere and “scan” hardly anywhere.



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