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Subject: Change draft for #274: quadDottedFileVersion

I pushed a change draft for Issue #274: “Rename fileVersion to dottedQuadFileVersion and specify format constraint”:




We will move its adoption at TC #28 on Wednesday November 28th.


This issue began when Michael noticed that the spec did not describe the syntax for the property run.fileVersion, although the JSON schema did. I asked Michael whether it wouldn’t be better to remove the format constraint from the schema, since other OS’s might have a different notion of “file version”. Michael wanted to keep the constraint for the benefit of Windows-based tools. I suggested we should rename the property to “windowsFileVersion” if that’s what it was meant for. This would give us the option of adding other OS-specific file version formats in future.


But ISO specs can’t use trademarks in normative text, and we want to keep open the possibility of submitting SARIF to ISO. After discussion with David Keaton, we settled on the idea of naming the property for its format, “quad dotted file version”. This has the following nice properties:


  • It makes the constraint clear in the property name (although we did also add the syntax description to the spec text).
  • It works for any OS that happens to use that format.
  • It keeps trademarks out of the property name.
  • It gives us the option to add similar properties for other Oss, with names like tripletHyphenFileVersion or romanNumeralFileVersion (j/k).




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