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Subject: Change draft for #306: directoryLocation

I pushed a change draft for Issue #306: "originalUriBaseId object's values are directory locations not file locations"




We do not plan to move its adoption at TC #30, since you have not had time to review it. We will present this in more detail at the F2F, but feel free to ask questions in email before then.


The issue is that the “fileLocation” objects that appear in run.originalUriBaseIds actually specify the locations of directories, not files. No other “file locations” in SARIF have that characteristic. Michael and I examined various design options, including simply redefining “file” in the spec to encompass any URI-addressable resource, but we decided that the cleanest option was to define a new object type “directoryLocation” containing uri and uriBaseId properties, and to state the run.originalUriBaseIds contains directoryLocations, not fileLocations.




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