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sarif message

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Subject: Fully merged provisional draft considered awesome

The provisional draft now contains all the changes through TC #30. Here is the Word document:




And here is the HTML version:




Until now, the provisional draft has contained all the change bars since CSD.1. That made it hard to edit and hard to read. It turns out we don’t need to do things this way. From now on, as I apply each approved change to the draft, I will accept all the change and update all the fields. When we’re ready to release CSD.2, I’ll use the Word Document Compare feature to compare the latest draft with the CSD.1 draft, and generate a new document with all the change bars. Reviewers will look at the change-barred copy.


This means that we no longer need the document sarif-v2.0-csd02-provisional-merged.docx, and I’ve deleted it.


Thanks to Michael for prompting me to look for a better way, and David for showing it to me.



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