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sarif message

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Subject: raw chat notes day #2 SARIC TC #31 face-to-face

anonymous morphed into [Co-Chair] David Keaton

[Co-Chair] David Keaton: Day 2  January 25

Day 2 08:00-09:00

Arrive, get settled

Day 2 09:00-10:15

10. Detailed disposition of open issues

Close on and document technical decisions for issues

Day 2 10:15-10:30


Day 2 10:30-11:00

10. Detailed disposition of open issues (continued)

Day 2 11:00-11:30

11. Discuss results management

Day 2 11:30-13:30


Day 2 13:30-14:30

12. TC Member Demos and Presentations, part 2

Day 2 14:30-15:00

13. Develop proposal for completing the process

Day 2 15:00-15:30

14. Promoting SARIF adoption and other future (post-release) SARIF possibilities

Day 2 15:30

15. Adjournment (for people who need to travel this afternoon)

Others can remain and chat further informally.

anonymous morphed into Paul Anderson

[Co-Chair] David Keaton: 10. Detailed disposition of open issues

Michael C. Fanning: #309 is accepted, change fileLocation to artifactLocation, run.files will be run.artifacts

Michael C. Fanning1: #215, TC approves the addition of "review"

Michael C. Fanning: #316 approved: TC approves a change of name from result.level to result.kind to indicate the broad range of categorizations

Michael C. Fanning: #202, TC approves a preliminary set of thread flow location kinds to that open-ended enum. List documented in the issue.

Michael C. Fanning1: Closing #294, #247 #168.

Michael C. Fanning1: #318 approved a design to allow linking to arbitrary SARIF results/locations within an inlined link

Michael C. Fanning1: #317 TC approves the splitting of resultLevel into result.level and result.kind

Michael C. Fanning1: #316 is closed, that previously approved design change is replaced by the design of #317

Michael C. Fanning1: #314 TC put forward a design for flowing default tags to results and exhaustively describing the potential tag outputs of a rule. we are tabling this design to consider how/whether we can incorporate metadata for external taxonomies (which would be the primary purpose of tags, i.e., tags are used to stamp relevant CWE ids on results).

Michael C. Fanning1: TC approves #319, converge message format strings into a common object, with 'plaintext' and 'markdown' as members. To be used as values in the rule.messageStrings table. rule.richMessageStrings to be removed.

Michael C. Fanning1: Opened #320, to consider problem of caching duplicated threadflowlocation data


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