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Subject: How to close on CSD 2

At the face-to-face meeting, we decided to vote out Committee Specification Draft 2 at our last meeting in March, 2019. We have now scheduled that meeting for March 27. Here is an outline for how we will get from where we are now to that point.

Over the next few days, the editors will host some technical calls (details to follow from Michael) to iron out the final technical issues, with the goal of having an electronic ballot on the schema starting February 27, and ending March 6. Anyone concerned with the remaining technical issues is welcome to attend the calls; they will not be formal SARIF TC meetings. E-mail discussion is also encouraged if you would like to submit input but cannot attend the technical meetings. The entire TC will be included in the ballot that follows.

This gives us time to review more change drafts at our next meeting on March 13. The purpose is to make sure we get as much out of the way as possible so that we can have our CSD 2 ballot at the meeting on March 27.

We are closing on the technical content of SARIF v2.0, and not adding any new technical content after that until SARIF v3.0. The reasons are that implementors need a stable base from which to start, and any technical changes after CSD 2 prevent the document from moving forward to later stages toward becoming a standard.


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