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Subject: remove 'graphs' and mark as 'future'?

Hello, Luke,


The SARIF v2 graphs work is inconsistent with other changes that we’ve recently made. Specifically, it is one of the last remaining dictionaries in the format. To be consistent with the remaining design, we should consider converting this data to arrays, as we have elsewhere (we’ve done this for various performance reasons, primarily). At this late stage, though, cycles are few and no one, to my knowledge, has actually attempted to produce/consume this feature.


We have three options:


  1. Leave the work as is and YMMV
  2. Update the graphs to bring them into conformance with remaining design (convert dictionaries to arrays)
  3. Remove the work for now, and mark it as a ‘future’ non-breaking addition to the format.


Any thoughts on this? My sense is that I personally insisted on getting this feature designed based on a concern that the format was insufficient for Semmle’s purposes. If you won’t actually utilize/find value in the feature, that undercuts the argument for further investment (and supports removing it for now).

Any thoughts?



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