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Subject: TC-generated comments on SARIF v2.1.0 CSD 1

Now that we are in the CSD 1 public comment period for SARIF v2.1.0 [*], the OASIS process requires comments generated by TC members to be sent to the TC’s mailing list. Normally, we would send one mail per comment. But since we are tracking these comments as separate GitHub issues, a single mail will suffice (per David). Please see the OASIS issue descriptions for details.


The comments are:


Issue #420: Missing "additionalProperties": false in schema


Issue #421: uri-reference format not supported in draft-04


Issue #422: Ensure all GUIDs in format examples are invalid


Issue #423: Ballot comments from Yekaterina: typo and alphabetized roles


Issue #425: Mistake in originalUriBaseIds example


Issue #426: Broken links


Issue #427: §3.27.7: Fix obsolete mentions of "ruleDescriptorReference"





I did not mark Issue #424: “Improve efficiency of tool and toolComponent objects” (submitted by Jim) as a CSD comment, because Jim stated in the eballot that he was ok not fixing this in v2.1.0.



[*] Because of our version number change, OASIS required us to reset our public comment process. So we are now in “CSD 1” of SARIF v2.1.0.

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