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sarif message

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Subject: Committee Specification is available for your review

I have applied the changes that arose during the comment period. All the comments were from the TC; there were no public comments. All the changes are bug fixes which we are making at editorial discretion; there are no substantive changes.


Please read the changes carefully. Our goal is to adopt this version as our Committee Specification at Wednesday’s TC meeting. (Actually the process is a bit subtle, but that’s the gist of it.)


There are four documents for your review:



The Documents/CommitteeSpecifications/2.1.0/ folder also includes HTML and PDF versions generated from the clean .docx file. Jim, I think I got the PDF right this time. Please check.


The changes are as follows. Please read the individual issues for details.


Changes to the schema:


  • Issue #420: Missing "additionalProperties": false in schema, and missing object descriptions.

  • Issue #421: uri-reference format not supported in draft-04

Changes to the spec text:

  • Issue #422: Ensure all GUIDs in format examples are invalid.

  • Issue #423: Ballot comments from Yekaterina: typo and alphabetized roles

  • Issue #425: Fix mistake in originalUriBaseIds example

  • Issue #426: Fix broken links

  • Issue #427: §3.27.7: Fix obsolete mentions of "ruleDescriptorReference"

  • Issue #429: Add missing constraint: result.ruleId == result.rule.id


NOTE: The contents of this email will become the Editor’s Report that I present at this Wednesday’s TC meeting.




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