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Subject: Fwd: [members] Eberlein, Ferris, Hagen newest OASIS Distinguished Contributors

     Congratulations, Stefan!


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We areÂpleased toÂnameÂKristen Eberlein, Christopher Ferris,Âand Stefan Hagen asÂourÂnewestÂOASIS Distinguished Contributors.ÂThis lifetime achievement awardÂis given toÂmembers whoÂprovide outstandingÂserviceÂand contributionsÂto the OASIS community andÂourÂmission.

Kristen Eberlein, DITAÂTC chair, has been a vital participant and leader in the community for over a decade. She led the TC through several complex releases of the DITA standard and championed initiatives such as Lightweight DITA and theÂDITA UserÂListeningÂSessions. Her experience as a technologist and an implementer makes her aÂcompellingÂevangelist for OASIS and the DITA community. Â Â

Chris FerrisÂhas been at the forefront ofÂnew technologyÂandÂaÂstrongÂadvocate for ensuringÂOASISÂcontinues to attract relevant, quality projectsFrom the early days ofÂebXML andÂWebÂservices, ChrisÂhas beenÂat the center ofÂthe most defining standards produced by OASISHe was instrumental in the development of our new Open Projects program and now servesÂas a member of theÂOpen ProjectsÂAdvisory Council

Stefan HagenÂhas been a co-chair, editor, TC secretary, and contributor to a wide range ofÂTCs. ebXML Registry, DSS, DSS-X, OData, AMQP Bindmap and SARIF are among the Committee Specifications and Standards (some having advanced to ISO-IEC JTC-1 endorsement) that benefited from his focused work, procedural expertise, good humor, and leadership. Stefan has also served on the OASIS Technical Advisory Board, whereÂhe contributed to the OASIS Editor's Manual, the Vulnerability Disclosure white paper, and the TAB Standards and Specifications metadata spreadsheet.

These Distinguished Contributors join their peers in the OASIS Hall of FameÂhttps://www.oasis-open.org/member-roster/distinguished-contributorsÂand are eligible for the benefits of this honor, including our unending gratitude for their hard workÂand leadership.


Scott McGrath

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