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Subject: Re: [sarif] First Draft Statement of Relationship to Similar Work

In case anybody else had trouble understanding, I'll save you some time. SCA means Static Code Analysis. I had never heard it referred to with that acronym, even though I used to work at CERT, so I had to look it up.

On 2019-09-06 16:36, Nick Mansourov wrote:
A minor edit : remove the word âinputâ in the following:

"TOIF's strategy involves creating adapters from various tools to the reporting format, and as such, it is focused on integrating the diverse inputÂformats into the lowest common denominator representation without having to modify the original tools.

(in is actually âoutputâ rather than input)

What do you think ?

The tool's output is TOIF's input, which is what I was thinking. I agree that it works better to delete the word input, though, since it's really both output and input.

TOIF normalizes the output of static analysis tools so that it can be used as evidence for digital certification of software.
TOIF normalizes and integrates the output of static analysis tools and other artifacts as evidence for software assurance.

     Yes, I like this new version of the sentence better.  Thanks.


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