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Subject: Final specification and schema versions for e-ballot

Hello all,


I have incorporated the non-material changes I enumerated in my recent email (attached) into new versions of the specification and schema, which you can find here:




You will find both a change-barred version of the spec and a version with the changes accepted. In the e-ballot, we will vote on the version with changes accepted.


The only changes to the schema are the correction of a few property descriptions (#437, #445) and a misspelled property name (#449). Since I can’t change-bar the schema, you can compare it to https://github.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/blob/master/Schemata/sarif-schema-2.1.0.json.


Luke: I didn’t address #448. Please see the issue for an explanation.


I will wait until end of day on Tuesday February 25th for any comments from you, since I don’t want us to have to restart the e-ballot once it’s started. Please review these materials and reply back to the list if you have any questions or concerns. After that, I’ll ask David to start the e-ballot.


NOTE: There are still places in the boilerplate at the front and in the page footer that refer to this as a “draft”, “working draft”, or “committee specification”. OASIS is responsible for updating those in the final document, so don’t worry about it.


Best regards,



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We should fix the following non-material issues that have been captured as GitHub issues in https://github.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec:


  • #422:  Ensure all GUIDs in format examples are valid but distinguishable
  • #430: Conformance Clause numbering skips clause 4
  • #431: Add xref 3.7.4 to graphTraversal.runGraphIndex
  • #432: Spec restricts link destinations in formatted messages to non-negative integers
  • #434: Clarify that per-sub-rule metadata is not supported
  • #435: Use "document" rather than "specification" as appropriate
  • #436:  Missing curly brace in example
  • #437: Fix result.rule.description in schema
  • #440: Fix typo in 3.14.28 section title
  • #444: Errors in K.4 Comprehensive SARIF file
  • #445: Editorial issue in invocation.startTimeUtc and invocation.endTimeUtc descriptions
  • #446: Invalid Hyperlinks found
  • #448: Duplication of v2.1.0 JSON schema
  • #449: Suppression "status" property mis-spelled as "state" in the schema
  • #450: Use of obsolete baselineState.existing property persists in spec
  • #451: Clarify guidance on use of space in plain text messages




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