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Subject: Re: [sarif] "Call for Consent" package is ready; please open ballot


Can you remake the pdf, so that it includes bookmarks? This makes the pdf much more useful.

Instructions are in the attached email.


On 2/26/20 11:35 AM, Larry Golding (Myriad Consulting Inc) wrote:
I did the following:

 1. Generated HTML
    and PDF
    copies of the spec.
 2. Copied the “external property files” schema
    (which had not changed) into the ballot directory
 3. Wrote an Editor’s Report
    and made a copy of that in the ballot directory.
 4. Packaged everything in the ballot directory into

David, with that package in hand, would you please open the ballot.



--- Begin Message --- Thanks. That's for Larry (or maybe he'll outsource it to you again :-).


On 6/11/19 2:50 PM, James Kupsch wrote:
David (or Larry),

Can you pass along the suggestion to include metadata for the sections
of the document, so PDF viewers can display a table of contents separate
from the document.  The pdf file sarif-v2.1.0-csprd01.pdf does not
include this metadata.

This can be done with the Windows version of Word using the following
setttings found in the Options dialog of the PDF Export:

      Create PDF/XPS Document
        Optimize for: Standard

In the options dialog the following should all be selected:

- Create bookmarks using:
    - Headings
- Document properties
- Document structure tags for accessibility

The "Create bookmarks using" seems to have not been selected when the
pdf was generated.


--- End Message ---

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