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sarif message

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Subject: Additional registrations

Hi Chet,


Thanks for liaising with IANA to help us register the media type application/sarif+json. I see that TCADMIN-3008, which tracked the registration, is closed.


Our GitHub work item oasis-tcs/sarif-spec#182 specifies two additional registrations:


  • The media type application/sarif-external-properties+json. This describes a SARIF external properties file, an auxiliary file that allows a subset of SARIF information to be shared among multiple SARIF files.

    Action: Would you please open a ticket to track this work. I already have the template I need. I will send you a draft when it’s ready, as I did for the SARIF media type.

  • The URI scheme sarif, which allows you to specify any sub-object within a SARIF file.

    Action: Could you please send me the appropriate template, and again, open a tracking ticket?




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