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Subject: Meeting Announcement: March 25, 2021

To facilitate the discussion of what we want to do next, we will have a one-hour electronic meeting on Thursday, March 25, 2021, at 8am US Pacific time (15:00 UTC). When converting to your time zone, please remember that on that day, the US will be on daylight savings time and Europe will not.

Details on how to attend the meeting, along with an agenda, will appear over the next couple of weeks. For a rough overview of the kinds of things we need to think about, recall that our Plans document on the https://gitub.com/oais-stc/sarif-spec site lists as potential future plans that we might consider publishing either errata or a new SARIF v2.1.1 to address any material changes deemed necessary. We also need to discuss whether to address dynamic analysis, and if so, whether it should be part of SARIF or a separate standard.

If you cannot attend the meeting, but would like to express an opinion on what to do next, please feel free to e-mail this list. In any case, even if you will be attending, it is fine to start the discussion early by using this list.

David Keaton

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