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Subject: Recruitment report



Here’s a report on my outreach efforts:


AWS: approached my contact. Nothing back yet.


Gitlab: positive response from contact, who suggested Taylor McCaslin as a primary person: tmccaslin@gitlab.com. I introduced him to David.


Synopsys: the person I knew there who worked on Coverity has moved on. I reached out to James Croall. Nothing back yet.


Parasoft: they recently added SARIF output to be github compatible. They may be interested in joining, but are not super enthusiastic.


Logilica: my contact there is Ralf Huuck who is the CEO. He reported that they have been using SARIF for metrics and for dynamic code properties. He may join, but because he's in Australia, it will be difficult to participate actively.


CodeDX: I spoke with Ken Prole, who had attended a few meetings in the early days. He said that he is getting pressure from his customers to report results in SARIF, all motivated by the need to integrate with github. Their previous hesitancy to get involved more deeply was just "wait and see."


LDRA: Interest from Andrew Banks, who is also on the Misra Software Quality Metrics committee


Perforce: Interest from Jill Britton of Perforce (she's originally from PRQA), who indicated she would ask around for others who may be interested in case she can't find the bandwidth herself. It looks like Steve Howard reached out to David yesterday.






Paul Anderson, VP of Engineering, GrammaTech, Inc.

531 Esty St., Ithaca, NY 14850

Tel: +1 607 273-7340 x118; https://www.grammatech.com


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