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sarif message

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Subject: Errata content



Tomorrow we’ll be reviewing all the changes for 2.1 errata. See below for the issues that are resolved. I’ve attached a change-barred doc, an errata docx and the new schema.


I’ll be asking for David’s good advice on how to format the errata doc.


Sending this now to facilitate an early review before discussion tomorrow.




Issues · oasis-tcs/sarif-spec (github.com)

Attachment: sarif-v2.1.0-committee-specification-errata-change-barred.docx
Description: sarif-v2.1.0-committee-specification-errata-change-barred.docx

Attachment: Sarif21Errata.docx
Description: Sarif21Errata.docx

Attachment: sarif-2.1.0-rtm.6.json
Description: sarif-2.1.0-rtm.6.json

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