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Subject: Re: [sarif] Re: SARIF repository primary branch is now 'main'

Sharing to ease thinking about a good, matching name before we talk about how and when: https://github.com/sthagen/valid-branch-names

My question was mostly practical (the one asking for branch off and merge to) - I understand I should use master as before.

PS: For the elderly like me, tag like branches could remind us of the good old times, like <xml> at https://github.com/sthagen/valid-branch-names/tree/%3Cxml%3E


On Tue, Jul 12, 2022, at 19:29, Aditya Sharad wrote:
Sharing in case this helps before we discuss in person: GitHub now allows you to rename the existing `master` branch to `main`, rather than making a copy named `main`. If you do this, it will update most references, PRs, and links automatically, though local clones will still need to be updated manually.
Here are the GitHub docs on the topic: https://docs.github.com/en/repositories/configuring-branches-and-merges-in-your-repository/managing-branches-in-your-repository/renaming-a-branch

On Tue, Jul 12, 2022 at 9:46 AM David Keaton <dmk@dmk.com> wrote:
      I will add this discussion to the agenda.

      Since the industry in general is moving from master to main, it is
a good idea to align with current practice, though there may be various
ideas about how to migrate.


On 2022-07-12 09:39, Stefan Hagen wrote:
> Hi,
> should we talk about such actions beforehand in the TC meeting? I would
> prefer that.
> Question from which branch should I best branch off to create the new
> minutes draft for the meeting on Thursday?
> â and to which branch should I target the pull request we use for the
> live document before and during the meeting?
> Thanks,
> Stefan
> On Tue, Jul 12, 2022, at 18:23, Michael Fanning wrote:
>> Iâve created a copy of our current âmasterâ branch into the new
>> primary development branch âmainâ.
>> I **think** that GitHub will automatically redirect URL references
>> from âmasterâ to âmainâ, when appropriate. This should mean that any
>> existing references to our checked in schemata continue to work (see
>> below for an example).
>> I intend to test this soon by deleting the master branch and verifying
>> these URLs still resolve. I wanted to give everyone here a heads up
>> first, though, so people have a chance to switch over to âmainâ.
>> MCF
>> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/master/Schemata/sarif-external-property-file-schema-2.1.0.json
>> <https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/master/Schemata/sarif-external-property-file-schema-2.1.0.json>
>> After our errata update, the link above will be rendered as.
>> Hopefully, previous references to the link above will continue to work
>> after I delete the âmasterâ branch. If thatâs not correct, we will
>> retain the schemata in an archived âmasterâ branch.
>> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/main/Schemata/sarif-external-property-file-schema-2.1.0.json
>> <https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/main/Schemata/sarif-external-property-file-schema-2.1.0.json>**

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