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sarif message

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Subject: Joining OpenSSF

Below are some general steps for joining the OpenSSF security tools group, for anyone who cares to participate.


This group meets the first Tuesday of every month, so the next group meeting s/be September 6th.


By current plan, MS, Contrast Security and ForAllSecure are splitting liaison responsibilities. I’m planning on attending 9/6.


Anyone is free to jump into this working group, of course, if you’d care to do that.





  1. Visit OpenSSF Working Groups - Open Source Security Foundation
  2. In ‘Security Tooling’, click the ‘Email List’ link
  3. Click the ‘+Join This Group’ link.
  4. This step will take you to Linux Foundation login page. You will need to create an ‘LFID’ to continue, if you do not have one (by clicking ‘Create Account’)


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