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Subject: Re: [sarif] Groups - Agenda for May 25, 2023 uploaded

This is another item we should include in our discussion during the meeting. Handling these together will ensure we come out with one version of the errata and schema that everyone agrees with.


On 2023-05-24 19:35, David Malcolm wrote:

(A) "Which goes first - "version" or "$schema"?"

"3.13.2 version property" says: "Although the order in which properties
appear in a JSON object value is not semantically significant, the
version property SHOULD appear first."

However, in two of the three examples that have a "$schema", the
$schema appears before the "version".

Am I right in thinking that these examples should be changed so that
the "version" appears before the "$schema"?  FWIW the current errata
doesn't fix this.  Or does it not matter?  In my GCC SARIF generation
code I have the "$schema" before the "version" (I was copying one of
the examples, I think)

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