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Subject: two requests

Hi, Bob,

I'm trying to catch up on recording resolutions w.r.t. issues.  My  
approach is going to be:

   a. during a meeting, I'll perform the state change in Jira at the  
time of the resolution (assuming I'm online, of course)

   b. if I was absent, or offline, I'll perform Jira changes when the  
draft minutes become available

   c. after final minutes are available, I'll add a comment in Jira  
for each resolution, with a URL to the resolution in the final minutes

To help me, please include the issue number and action (open,  
resolve,..) in the short resolution statement.  (You usually do this  
already.)  This will make the "resolutions" table much more helpful to  
me and others, and will reduce errors on my part due to reconstructing  
context from reading minutes.

Also, please send an email whenever you post the draft or final  
minutes, if you don't do that already.

Many thanks.  I know your duties are onerous already, so please view  
my requests as helpful suggestions.



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