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Subject: SCA Visual Modeling "Standard?"

Martin & Mike,
I would like to know why an visual modeling industry standard such as OMG UML 2 was not used (and currently not being used) to represent SCA artifacts; specifically, SCA Component and SCA Composite diagrams.  It seems a no-brainer to leverage the UML 2 component diagram to represent SCA components and UML 2 composite structure diagrams to represent SCA composites.  The current diagram formats used in all SCA specs from Open SOA (and now under the auspices of OASIS) seem to use custom diagram semantics to represent services, references, and properties when UML 2 provided and required interfaces and the use of ports would suffice just fine for both SCA components and composites.
I ask because there is probably some history to this decision and since I did not participate in development of the Open SOA specs, I'm curious as to why an industry standard such as UML 2 was not used and if it is worth considering for use in the OASIS version of these specs; particularly, since these are architecture-centric artifacts.
 - Jeff Estefan, JPL

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