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Subject: [sca-assembly] NEW ISSUE: Ambigous Service Resolution

TARGET: SCA Assembly (although detected as a language implementation

DESCRIPTION: WS-BPEL processes may assign an EPR (pointing to themselves)
to a variable in order to e.g. pass it as a callback EPR to another service

            <from partnerLink="NCName" endpointReference="myRole" />
            <to variable="BPELVariableName" />

If the component's interface (the WSDL port type referenced by the WS-BPEL
partner link type) is exposed as a service multiple times (e.g. with
different bindings) then it is not clear which of these service endpoints
should be used to create the EPR. A Java user of createSelfReference() may
specify a full URI in order to resolve the ambiguity, however, the WS-BPEL
runtime would not be able to make this decision.

PROPOSAL: None so far.

Kind Regards

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