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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Do we need appendix A (pseudo-schema)?

Title: Do we need appendix A (pseudo-schema)?

In the assembly spec, statements related to the structure of the 
scdl/componentType/constrainingType occur in:
1) Spec text (such as, 'this optional element of type xs:anyURI washes 
2) XML Schema in appendix B
3) XML Schema as a separate doc pointed at by the RDDL
4) pseudo-schema that is strewn throughout the spec
5) pseudo-schema in appendix A

Any change to the syntax requires changes in 5 different places. Yes, 
pseudo-schemas are non-normative, so an error in pseudo-schema poses a 
lesser problem than an error in normative text. Nevertheless, we should 
aim for no errors. Pseudo-schema is meant mostly for readability (as in 
most cases XML Schema isn't) and therefore meant for consumption by 
human readers. We already have partial pseudo-schemas throughout the 
doc. Is it still necessary to have a consolidated pseudo-schema in 
appendix A? If not, we should get rid of it and eliminate a potential 
source of inconsistency/error.

Proposal: none


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