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Subject: Inconsistency with the valid source/target for wire element


There is an inconsistency in the sca-assembly-1.1-spec-WD-03.pdf about what are valid value of the @source/@target of the <wire>:

Line 1568:
The wire element has the following attributes:
• source (required) – names the source component reference. Valid URI schemes are:
o <component-name>/<reference-name>
􀂃 where the source is a component reference. The specification of the reference name is optional if the source component only has one reference
• target (required) – names the target component service. Valid URI schemes are
o <component-name>/<service-name>
􀂃 where the target is a service of a component. The specification of the service name is optional if the target component only has one service with a compatible interface

Line 4173:
SCA wires connect service references to services.
Within a composite, valid wire sources are component references and composite services. Valid wire targets are component services and composite references.

IMO, composite services/references now use the "promote" to connect to the promoted component services/references. I assume we only allow component reference as the source and component service as the target for <wire>.

Is it a known issue? Can somebody clarify?


Raymond Feng
Senior Software Engineer, Open Source SCA Development, Apache Tuscany Project

IBM Bay Area Lab, 1001 E Hillsdale Blvd, Suite 400, Foster City, CA 94404, USA
rfeng@us.ibm.com, Notes: Raymond Feng/Burlingame/IBM, Tel: 650-645-8117, T/L: 367-8117
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