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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Corrections to the contributions schema

Raiser:   Bryan Aupperle

Target document:  SCA Assembly Specification, CD01-Rev1


There are two problems with the contributions schema in section B.12

1) The location attribute of ImportType is marked as required.  This is inconsistent with the textual description of the import element of a contribution (line 3333 in section 11.2.2).

2) Both the import and export elements are intended as extension points.  To use the same substitution group approach as is used for the other extension points (interface, implementation and binding), there need to be global element definitions for import and export.  These global element definitions are missing.


See the changes in the attached document.

Bryan Aupperle, Ph.D.
STSM, WebSphere Enterprise Platform Software Solution Architect
Master Inventor

Research Triangle Park,  NC
+1 919-254-7508 (T/L 444-7508)
Internet Address: aupperle@us.ibm.com

contribution schema corrections.doc

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